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Range Plants of North Texas
        By: Ricky J. Linex
Exciting News!

    The District is giving away a wonderful book titled “Range Plants of North Central Texas – A Land User’s Guide to Their Identification, Value and Management” written by Ricky J. Linex, as a thank you to those who donate $20 or more to the Parker County SWCD in support of the District’s conservation efforts.  

    Easy to use and beautifully written, the guide is full of colorful pictures of plants and their seeds. This is a great resource for anyone who would like to identify plants growing on their property. 

 Annual Sale:

    Between mid September until mid March we offer wildflower seeds for those interested in low maintenance, but beautiful ground cover. 

​   Bluebonnet seeds are sold in 1 lb. bags for $18, wildflower seed mixes are sold in 1 lb. bags for $26. Planting is generally September through November, weather permitting.  Contact us for more information.

     First Week of October until mid February we offer low cost tree seedlings to landowners. Primarily for privacy screens and windbreaks.

     Containerized seedlings may be ordered individually. We usually have extras on delivery day. Call us for information. 


       Conservation Pledge:

    I give my pledge to save and faithfully to defend from waste the natural resources of my county-its soil and minerals, its forests, water, and wildlife.
                      Rain Barrels​

    All year round, we offer rain barrels for water harvesting, made from food grade recycled containers. Once ordered they are delivered to your door! 

    Rain barrels with various attachments are available all year long, but now is the time to start storing water for your gardening needs next summer. 


    Contact us for more information!

     Our board meetings are on the First         Thursday of every month. 

     Each meeting starts at 9 am.

    You are  welcome to attend any of                 these meetings.

2015 Poster & Essay Contest Winners
Congratulations to Joel Beauregard, a 4th grade student at Brock Elementary, for winning 3rd place in the poster category in the District’s contest in February as well as 3rd place in the Area 5 Awards Contest in April. 

Joel is pictured beside his poster accepting his award from Jule Richmond. 

The theme for the 2014 poster contest was “Dig Deeper: Mysteries in the Soil.” The theme covered water resources, its natural cycle and its importance to us.    

The District’s annual contest runs from October through January of each year and entries are judged during the February board meeting. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are then submitted for the Area 5 Awards Program where those entries compete with the other 51 counties that comprise Zone 5.

Congratulations to three young ladies from Garner Elementary, for winning awards in the District's contest in February. 

Listed from left to right. 

Kalynn Whitehead won 1st place in the District's essay contest. 

Nancy Benavides won 3rd place in the District's essay contest, as well as Honorable Mentions in the District's poster contest. 

Haley Smalley won Honorable Mentions in the District's poster contest. 

Every year the District hosts a poster and essay contest for the local schools to participate in. Once all works of art are turned into the District our board judges them.  Winners are sent to Area 5 for further judging, if they win there is a banquet in their honor.  If you are a teacher in a local school and would like to get more information about our contests please contact us. 
Congratulations to those listed below for winning awards in the District's 2015 essay and poster contest in February.  These winners are all from Brock Elementary and are not pictured. 

District's Poster Contest Winners                              District's Essay Contest Winners                    

Caleb False won 1st place                                         Emma Kirk won 2nd Place                                  
Cambria Cates won 2nd place 

Honorable Mentions Poster Contest                          Honorable Mentions Essay Contest

Cole Reynolds                                                            Jett Paris     
Diana Garcia                                                              Braden Nicewonger
Cash Morales                                                             Kayla Cockerline

    Larry King joined the Board of Parker County SWCD last October and represents Zone 1. Tapped to fill the vacant position after the retirement of Joe Brinkley, Mr. King has enthusiastically embraced the District’s grass roots mission of soil and water conservation.
    King attended Weatherford College and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Tarleton State University. He worked for the Parker County Appraisal District for a time, and then went on to retire from the U. S. Treasury Department as a devoted public servant.  
King enjoys spending time with his wife, 2 sons, and 4 grandchildren. He is an active member of Bethesda UMC, where he volunteers and serves in various capacities. He is currently trustee and vice-president of Bethesda Cemetery Association, a member of Whitt Masonic Lodge, and a proud supporter of Peaster FFA. King has been a farmer and rancher for over 45 years.  
    Larry and Lisa King are continuing the family tradition; living on the farm and running a cattle operation on land that has been in the family since 1872. A passion for soil and water conservation developed when Larry’s father, Delmar King, participated in the “Great Plains Program” in the 1970s. The Kings continue to reclaim pastures from brush infestation and drought damages by applying conservation practices recommended by NRCS. 
    Zone 1 encompasses the area between Hwy. 180, running east from the Palo Pinto – Parker County line, to Hwy. 51 in Weatherford, then in a northerly direction along FM 920 to the Parker – Wise County line. Mr. King represents the communities of Poolville, Peaster, Whitt, Adell, Authon, and Garner, just to name a few.
    This year’s election is for Zone 3 which encompasses the area between Hwy. 180, running east from the Palo Pinto – Parker County line to Hwy. 51 in Weatherford, then in a southerly direction on FM 1189 to the Hood County line. Communities of Millsap, Cool, Brock, and Dennis, just to name a few, are included in this Zone.


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