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                                                                    PARKER COUNTY SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT #558
                                                                           604 NORTH MAIN, SUITE 100, WEATHERFORD, TEXAS 76086
                                                                                               817-594-4672, EXT. 109
                                                                               E-Mail parkercountyswcd@tx.nacdnet.org
                                                                           Generally, someone is in th office Tuesday - Friday 8:30 - 2:00 
                                                                           CONSERVATION - DEVELOPMENT - SELF GOVERNMENT

Exciting News!

         The District is gifting a wonderful book titled "Range Plants of North Central Texas - A Land User's Guide to Their Identificaton, Value and Management," 
                written by Rickey J. Linex, as a thank you to those who donate $20 or more to the Parker County SWCD in support of the District’s conservation efforts. 
                                                Easy to use and beautifully written, the guide is full of colorful pictures of plants and their seeds on sturdy paper. 
                                                            This is a great resource for anyone who would like to identify plants growing on their property.  
                                                                                                    Come by and look at the book we have on display. 

Annual Sales Information

                  Bluebonnet seeds in 1 lb. bags as well as Native and Starburst mixtures of wildflower seeds in l lb. bags are in stock for those wishing to plant now for spring flowers.
                  The mixes contain 10% Bluebonnets as well as 16 – 17 other wildflower seeds that bloom in the spring. Native wildflowers are tolerant of dry conditions and well 
             adapted to the climate extremes of north Texas. An added bonus is less mowing is required.  Bluebonnets sell for $18 a pound and the wildflower mixes for $26 a pound.  

                                                                        If you live in the country, be sure to choose plantings that are not prime deer food. 
                                        Some of the wildflowers such as Mexican Hat and Mealycup Sage are not deer magnets, while clover and azaleas are. 
                                            A few plants last on their meal list are mesquite, pinyon pine, juniper, prickly pear, cactus, yuccas and Lamb’s ear.  

                                        Tree seedlings from the Forestry Service are also offered for sale October – February with pick up on February 27th, 2015.
                                                                         Containerized trees are sold individually for $2.80 each in plastic tubes.  
                                                    Afghanistan Pine, American Plum, Austrian Pine, Bald Cypress, Deodara Cedar, Desert Willow, 
                                                                Fourwing Saltbush, Hackberry,  Italian Stone Pine, Lacebark Elm, Orienal Arborvitae, 
                                                                                    Osage Orange, Pinyon Pine, and Sand Plum are offered this year.  
                Hardwood seedlings in lots of 25 are sold bare rooted and sell for $35.00.  All that offered this year is Bur Oak, Sawtooth Oak, Shumard Oak, and Pecan
                                                            Fill out you information below and a complete list of seedling will be sent at the appropriate time.  

​                                                                                                          The District began selling rain barrels 3 years ago. 
                    Since the District only receives enough funding to employ part-time office staff, they were looking for something to market that would not require on site sales. 
                            Rain barrels fit the bill perfectly, because once the District receives an order it is sent to our supplier and delivered right to the customer’s door! 
                                                                                                               The whole process can be handled by mail. 
                    The 55 gallon capacity Terra Cotta rain barrel is the District’s best seller at $110.00, with the 53 gallon capacity Terra Cotta for $103.00 a close second.
                                         Larger sizes are available in blue, 63 gallon capacity is $125.00 and the 67 gallon capacity is a steal at $130.00. 
                                                                                            Flex elbows are sold for $5.25 and barrel connectors for $4.25.         

                                                                                 Tax Code 151.355 exempts rainwater harvesting equipment from sales tax.  
                                    The exemption applies to equipment and supplies used solely (used exclusively for the reason stated) for certain types of water conservation.
                                                 Rain barrels and attachments the District sells are used solely for conservation rainwater harvesting and are tax exempt.

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